Donors Listing 2019

Our Donors

We of the Isham Park Restoration Program 1970, Inc. and Family Bruce’s Garden are pleased to acknowledge the following donors for their generosity and support of the Bruce Reynolds Memorial Fund and are grateful to the many members of the community who have graciously helped advance our mission by supporting our vision and programming. 

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One-Time Donation

  • Melissa & Don Rice
  • Carolyn Weddell
  • Johanna Dennig
  • Janet Burke
  • Denise Glover
  • Manuel Lopez
  • Chris Farmer
  • Laena Orkin-Prol
  • Brynn Rosen
  • Eleanore Anderson
  • Marta Espitia

Sustaining Membership

  • Lori & Ryan Holland
  • Virginia Arnold
  • Gail & Jim Addiss
  • Miriam Frank
  • Ann Gregory
  • Manuel Lopez
  • Kelly Malarky

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