New!! Bee Hives

Welcome Honey Bees in Inwood

Since 2010 when New York legalized beekeeping and around 400 hives have been reintroduced to NYC. Providing more housing for bees in the Big Apple is beneficial for both busy bees and busy city dwellers: bees contribute to the health and stability of our environment and help beautify green spaces.

Meet the Beekeepers

Natalia Okolita and her husband Andrii Hrabynskyi are a family of professional beekeepers living in New York City. Their deep passion of honey bees and genuine appreciation of the environment, multiplied by the experience and knowledge of four generations of beekeepers, places them in the unique position to help bring these important forces of nature to work in the urban landscape of New York.

Certificates & Procedure

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets have been informed.

  • Registrations have been filed.
  • In adhering to appropriate beekeeping practices:
    • we use two colonies of the Italian honey bees – allowable in NYC.
    • They’ve been inspected and have an Apiary Health Certificate.
    • Also, movable-frame hives are used and the hives are located in a safe and quiet area not in direct contact.

Nature’s Support

Beekeepers have received great support within the City and the New York City Department of Parks and have introducing these tiny power houses to various city parks, which brings the whole experience of spending time in the park to a new level, especially with the amazing educational programs offered by Department of Parks facilities in Bryant Park.

Bruce’s Garden is proud to introduce honey bee hives in Isham Park and the community of Inwood.

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