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Bruce ReynoldsThis garden honors the memory of Bruce Reynolds, who on the morning of September 11, 2001, rushed from his post at the George Washington Bridge into the inferno of the World Trade Center, sacrificing his life to save others.  Read more about him here.

Directors/ Board

  • J. A. Reynolds, Founder/ Director Emeritus
  • Aaron Scott, Chairman/ executive director
  • Barbara Schnoor, Vice Chair
  • Virginia Arnold, Treasurer
  • Modesco Maurice Krassas

Bruce’s Garden (IPRP 1970, Inc), is a Registered 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization 

IPRP 1970, Inc., founded by
Mr. J. A. and Mrs. Geraldine Reynolds, has been responsible for many substantial renovations and improvements in Isham Park nestled in the Community of Inwood on the northern portion of the Isle of Manhattan. One of which is the creation of the lovely oasis now known as Bruce’s Garden.

IPRP 1970, Inc., started 50+ years ago by the Reynolds Family in Inwood, Manhattan, has long been an active not-for-profit organization of volunteers operating under fiscal sponsorship for the purpose of bringing the local community together for the care and maintenance of Isham Park, while fostering cultural and community enrichment through horticulture and the arts.

Known mostly as Bruce’s Garden, IPRP has developed a formerly neglected corner of Isham Park into a community oasis of nature and nurture. ‘A Wild and Woodland Garden’ says the well worn sign along the front fence, this woodland garden is cultivated in harmony with wildlife and other elements of nature. IPRP volunteers contributed to the maintenance of other areas of Isham Park, as well.

In keeping with its mission statement, IPRP 1970 Inc. continues to host and produce a number of cultural events and art productions in the area during its 22 year history. Gallery in the Gazebo, curated by Nadema Agard is celebrating its 9th consecutive year.

The Inwood Jazz Festival is scheduled for Saturday, August 19, 2023.

Details are available and updated at www.InwoodJazzFestival.com 

If you would like to be a part of this inaugural event contact:


To offer educational, horticultural and culturally engaging programming for the community at large and the continued development, maintenance and preservation of Bruce’s Garden, Ginkgo Tree Hill, the Memorial Slope and other areas within Isham Park for the enjoyment of the Community of Northern Manhattan.

It is common knowledge donations of land were made to the City of New York by the Isham family slightly more than 100 years ago.

Did you know… Isham Park as we know it today, is the direct result of the Reynolds family’s determination to improve the esthetic value and condition of the community? Their efforts span close to half a century.   Read more here…


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