Coffee House Night



Coffee House Night

Steve Hanford

Spring of 71. Isham Park. Me blowing on the Blues Harp. Hughie Glass on guitar, Bobby Unger on bass, Giovanni Rosario on drums and Brad Ashinoff on sax. We played with the cast of Hair that night at St Matthews

We used the Isham Park Restoration name to get permits to have rock concerts in the parks. We did that for many, many years even when the garden was pretty inactive.

I wish someone had pictures of when I jammed with the Broadway cast of “Hair” at St Matthews Lutheran Church. We started a Coffee House night there, it was like one night a week.  He [Mr. Reynolds] did get the cast of Hair to show up at one of our Coffee House nights. They joined our band and I and we rocked! I can’t believe nobody has any pictures of it.






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