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Designed to support the continuation of our educational and community enrichment programs, as well as administrative, proposed landscaping, general maintenance of Bruce’s Garden/ The Memorial Slope/ Ginkgo Tree Hill/ Other areas in Isham Park and tool replacement costs.

  • Isham Park Restoration Program 1970, Inc. is registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • All donations a tax deductible to the full extent of the lax 
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Aaron Scott • CEO of Isham Park Restoration Program 1970, Inc. & Coordinator of Bruce’s Garden.


We would like to complete what NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe started…

Help us finish the WROUGHT IRON MEMORIAL FENCE to better preserve our treasured, admired community oasis… The ornamental gem of a garden memorialized in Bruce’s honor. In doing so, you will have helped sustain the personally cultivated, characteristic esthetic beauty 50 years in the making, peculiar to the Inwood community for decades to come.

The projected costs are $107,000.00 which would include materials, installation, generated fees… and will replace the chain-linked fence on the eastern and southern garden faces, established during the mid-70’s yet worn by weather and human abuse.

We’d like to reach this goal by September 9, 2016. On this day at 10am, there will be a ceremony on the cul-de-sac adjacent to Bruce’s Garden where the City of New York will officially designate this circle and that which connects to 215th Street, “Bruce Reynolds Way”. Click here for more information on the street naming. Announcing we’ve reached our goal to further enhance and perpetuate such an important neighborhood legacy would be most delightful!

I recognize the challenge of such an effort.

As you consider your gift, if a neighbor, I’d like you to tell a friend, associate or partner what you are trying to accomplish for your community by supporting our cause and convince them to do the same. IPRP 1970, Inc. has been directly responsible for most major improvements in Isham Park for the past 50 years. From converting a well established community dump site into a magical garden, convincing Parks to rehabilitate all of Isham Park in the early 70’s due to vandalism and neglect (which included the decades old request for the restoration of its water system. We are grateful for its recent return!), the introduction of GreenStreets on the cul-de-sac of Park Terrace East… to the preservation of the beloved 200+ year old Ginkgo Tree at the parks’ southeastern-most entrance… IPRP 1970, Inc. has always proceeded with the idea to improve the visual esthetic of the neighborhood. Our mission remains true to this ethic.

If a curious visitor, help us better preserve that which deserves preservation.

I am honored to represent an organization which helps unify our community in so many different ways. Enhancing, thereby improving the esthetic in which we live. Join our cause. All donations are held in confidence and are tax deductible. We will happily appreciate and accept each gift equally. All amounts are welcome. Large and small. I believe in Inwood and its majesty. Together we can and will improve our condition.

Thank You For Your Support • Donate Now

If you’re experienced/ interested in:

Pruning, Topiary, Weeding, Garden Maintenance, Brick Work, Landscaping… OR you’ve an educational or musical program/ workshop you’d like to share with the community…






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