Sustaining Membership

A New Way to Support Bruce’s Garden… for as little as 10 cents a day.

Help us preserve a uniquely positioned neighborhood oasis. We at Bruce’s Garden recognize that it can be difficult to find extra cash to support a local neighborhood treasure. That is why we are introducing a new level of support, Sustaining Membership, that allows you to spread your donation over time.
Becoming a Sustaining Member means you could donate as little as 10 cents per day. That’s $3/month, charged directly to your credit card every month. Automatically. Just set it once and your membership will be renewed every month until you choose to end it. 
Enjoy uninterrupted Bruce’s Garden membership status, including enjoying and participating in our free, culturally entertaining programming: 
        • Gallery In The Gazebo
        • Midweek Literary Readings
        • Children’s Mathematical Concepts with Carole Mulligan
        • Dr. Deceiverini Radio Plays
        • City of Forest Community Art Events
        • Manhattan Peace Project/ Northstar Family Choir
        • Sunday Afternoon Potluck
        • Dance/ Musical Performances
        • Poetry Readings
        • Special Events
Becoming a Sustaining Member is an easy way to increase the power of your support and direct your dollars towards the programs you depend on. Your monthly donation makes a significant impact in supporting one of Inwood’s beloved treasures. 
Your Sustaining Member contributions will go a long way in keeping Bruce’s Garden looking beautiful throughout the seasons. It’s enduring! You’ll feel good knowing that you’re continuing to support Bruce’s Garden’s vital service to the community of Inwood, enjoyed daily by children, parents, friends & seniors alike. 
Assist us in acquiring the necessary tools to sustain the idyllic, storybook quality of the garden.
  • Click here to become a Sustaining Member today!
    • Click on the “Other” tab
    • Enter your desired amount in the amount field.
    • Click on the “Monthly” tab.
    • Select “Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden” in the pulldown tab.
    • Fill in your additional information.
Is Bruce’s Garden donation tax deductible? Yes!
Bruce’s Garden falls under Isham Park Restoration Program 1970 Inc (IPRP 1970 Inc), a  registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which ensures your gift to Bruce’s Garden is fully tax-deductible.
It’s that easy. If your financial situation changes, you can always choose to increase, decrease or suspend your monthly gift. Simply update your information here or contact us.
Many Thanks! & Welcome Aboard!
Aaron Scott, CEO
IPRP 1970, Inc.

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