The Blue Mountain

12746548_10208560056501571_866076043_nThe Blue Mountain
Steve Hanford

The Blue Mountain was brought to the park as part of the Isham Park Restoration Program in the early 70’s, in other words, Jack Reynolds. The artist called this his vision of the Blue Mountains. Of where, I don’t remember and apparently there are several mountain ranges called the Blue Mountains. It was made of wood and fiberglass. It came in about 4 sections on a flatbed and Jimmy King and myself, along with the artist, put it together with fiberglass, sanded it, painted it, and boy! the one thing we learned working with fiberglass was, that STUFF itches like hell…LOL. The experience came in handy later on in life, working on a wood and fiberglass boat. To be honest, I thought it was ugly and stupid when we put this thing together, but thru the years hearing about so many Inwood people who played on this thing as kids and are now fond memories of their childhoods, I’m thrilled I was part of it.






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